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6 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Restaurant


Approximately 1.8 billion USD revenue is generated by restaurants across the country every year. However, more than 60% of the restaurants fail to maintain their sales and profits due to ineffective rebranding practices. As a result, their owners either decide to give up the ownership or rent out the business to a vendor. Rebranding is an essential part of any business model. There comes a stage in every venture’s lifecycle, wherein the owners and marketers have to revamp the business image. Oft...

Posted 10/19/2021 2:59:04 PM

Strategies to Attract Restaurant Customers


It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the modern-day restaurant industry is extremely competitive. From small coffee shops to Michelin star hotels, all types of businesses are continuously trying to get ahead. Due to rapid technological advancement and futuristic marketing tactics, maintaining a stronghold reputation in the market has become quite easy. But it has also led to a never-seen-before challenge: customer attraction and retention. While these two factors are an essential aspect of...

Posted 10/19/2021 2:49:00 PM

6 Tips for Effective Restaurant Management


Restaurant managers have a lot more to do than just maintaining the daily hustle and bustle around the place. They work in a high-pressure environment where several complex tasks require their attention, focus, and hard work. As a restaurant manager, you need some special skills and a keen eye for detail. Restaurant patrons and guests come into your establishment for more than just food. They need a holistic experience with delicious food, fast service, quick complaint handling, and safe payment...

Posted 10/19/2021 2:41:24 PM

5 Secret Ingredients to A Successful Restaurant Business


The restaurant sector in the US has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades. In fact, it has more than doubled in size and revenue since 2000, reaching an all-time high of $800 billion back in 2017. Moreover, the latest reports show that the restaurant sector is offering strong post-pandemic recovery. While there’s no denying that starting your restaurant business right now is a lucrative opportunity, there are hard lessons to be learned in every new business. Each industry presents its u...

Posted 10/18/2021 5:13:30 PM

The Ultimate Restaurant Startup Checklist


Are you planning on starting your own restaurant? That’s a brilliant idea! The US restaurant industry has been seeing healthy growth in the past few decades. This sector has seen its sales more than doubled since 2000, reaching an all-time high of $800 billion back in 2017. However, at the same time, it’s also important to mention that restaurants have a high failure rate as almost 60% of new restaurants close within a year while up to 80% shutdown within the first five years. While these perce...

Posted 10/18/2021 5:05:03 PM

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Online Food Business


The online food delivery sector was blooming in 2019 with a global market size of $107.44 billion. The economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the growth in 2020, but the sector appears to be back on track and is expected to reach $154.34 billion by 2023, growing at an impressive CAGR of 11.51%. While there’s no denying that starting your online food business right now is a lucrative opportunity, there are hard lessons to be learned in every new business. Each industry presents its...

Posted 10/18/2021 4:55:36 PM

How to Gain a Competitive Advantage in The Restaurant Business


A 2019 study predicted that the restaurant industry in the US would hit $1.2 trillion in sales by 2030. However, the COVID pandemic changed all that, and the industry was fighting to stay alive. However, it’s never been so easy to make a profit in the restaurant industry. It’s a highly fragmented sector that is dominated by independent owners and operators, making up 70% of the sector. The average restaurant generates annual revenue of around $1 million while the operating profit is just around ...

Posted 10/18/2021 4:40:38 PM

How to Upsell as a Server

Upselling as a Server

Every restaurant server should be trained in the art of upselling. This has two major benefits: first, it increases your revenue, and second, it can provide a beneficial service to your diner by offering them a more bespoke customer experience. Upselling done right is a win-win situation for the restaurant and diner. Here are some nine effective restaurant upselling tips that servers can use to boost the bottom line. Get a Baseline Measurement of Your Diner's Behavior A big component of generati...

Posted 10/15/2021 9:35:01 AM