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Top Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant On Social Media

Top Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant On Social Media

Social media open doors for businesses to connect with people all over the world, increase their customer base, and generate more revenue. If you're not leveraging the power of social media to market your restaurant, then you're making the biggest mistake ever.

Today, our lives are driven by technology, and nobody can deny its importance in running a business. As a restaurant owner, if you wish to succeed in the market, it's necessary to bring social media into use. It takes more than uploading attractive images to gain customers' attention.

So, are you wondering how to excel in the market with adequate social media tactics? This post will give all the essential tips to uplift your restaurant's image in the market and gain more customers in no time.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

One of the main benefits that restaurants enjoy is 'data-driven metrics.' From Twitter to Facebook, all these social media platforms provide you with basic information about how your posts are performing, how many people are clicking on your ads, and much more. It further helps you identify the latest trends in the market and get food-related tips in no time.

With the help of the data, you can make better decisions regarding your social media campaigns, posting on such platforms, or assisting customers online. This information is extremely crucial to make the right decision for different aspects of your social media marketing.

Apart from this, restaurants can enjoy other social media marketing benefits. Here's a list of them.

Increased Brand Awareness

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Social media audience is ever-growing, and to reach more than 3 billion people on the internet, you have to make the most use of the space. Many restaurants use social media to post food images, restaurant pictures, behind-the-scenes videos, etc., to attract their audience.

As a restaurant owner, you can also use this tactic to get into your customer's heads. Such content helps the customer to get an idea about the restaurant's food quality and ambiance.

Assisting Customers in Time

People have moved past the phase of waiting on call for hours to answer queries. Online customer service is faster than traditional customer support and allows restaurant owners to solve customer concerns quickly.

You can reply to your customer's comments, answer queries in your inbox, or post news directly on social media for them. The more consistently you assist customers, the better chance you have to gain customer loyalty.

Gathering Feedback Online

Another great benefit of social media marketing is that you can gather customers' feedback in no time. Start a good conversation on the internet and be open to feedback and suggestions. Let your customers speak to you and help you identify how you can improve your services. It's important to be able to handle criticism efficiently and not overlook it at all.

You can also get feedback on any new addition to your menu, change the restaurant's interior, and much more from your customers. It helps them feel included and can increase their loyalty to your restaurant.

Enhancing Brand's Reach

Social media allows you to leave your bubble and connect with more customers. With the help of social media, you can attract customers from other geographical areas as well. Increasing your reach not only increases your brand's visibility in the market but helps you generate more revenue as well.

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Restaurant CRM analytics on laptop screen

Boosting Customer Engagement

Social media allows you to interact with customers and let them interact with the content you post. You can share user-generated content on your social media platform to increase customer engagement.

Tips to Market Your Restaurant on Social Media

Social media can help you connect with more people and grow your business. If you're not already using social media for your brand, then you're making the biggest mistake. Here are some tips that can help you strengthen your restaurant's social media platforms.

Establish Brand Voice

The first thing you must do is let one or a maximum of two people handle the social media platforms to stay consistent with brand voice. Restaurants with a huge marketing team are often less consistent with their tone on social media. Different people have a different take on what to post on social media and how to convey it to their audience.

If only one person is handling all social media platforms, this problem won't ever occur. Consistency will bring you revenue so that you can establish a consistent brand voice across all social media platforms.

  • Prepare a style guideline for social media and distribute it among all people handling the restaurant's social media platforms.
  • Stick with one color theme for the social media platforms.
  • Write social media captions that are consistent with your brand voice.

Write Accurate Bio

A restaurant's social media??
Restaurant social media management

It's highly necessary to post accurate information on the social media platform about your business. When customers are intrigued by your restaurant, they are more likely to call you for reservations or visit your restaurant by following the location.

Make sure you have posted the right phone numbers, location, and email on the restaurant's page for customers' convenience.

Also, add a little bio for your business and make sure to highlight your restaurant's plus points in this section to develop customers' interest. You can also talk about your cuisine, so your customers can make an instant decision if they want to visit you or not.

Monitor Brand Mentions

Ever heard of free marketing? It's when your customers post about you. You can simply re-share the posts or comment on them as part of your restaurant's marketing tactics.

There are plenty of paid and free tools available on the internet to help you find relevant mentions of your business. Automating these processes will instantly notify you whenever someone mentions your restaurant anywhere on social media.

Use this incredible marketing technique to spread the word about your business. These posts further act as free testimonials for other customers.

Post Interactive Content

You need to post content on social media that will capture your customer's attention and encourage them to interact with you. For instance, posting behind-the-scenes, videos of cooking dishes, staff interviews, customer testimonials, quizzes, giveaways, etc., allow customers to interact with the business.

Many restaurants hire influencers as well to promote their business or content through their platforms. A small review from them gets you a lot of customers, so why not make the best use of it?

Post content that is not only attractive but also beneficial for customers. You can also post about any discount offers or deals to lure customers.

Post Seasonal Menus

A McDonalds drive through sign??
McD's Drive-through menu

Are you launching a new dish? Are you tweaking your menu for the season?

No matter what it is, you can make the best use of social media to send this news to your customers.

Use your social media to make people crave your restaurant's food. Whenever you plan on introducing a new dish to your menu, make sure to take about it on your social media platform.

In short, you need to create hype for this dish before it's even launched. Hype is what will help you attract customers and encourage them to try your new dishes. Promoting your dishes is the exact content your restaurant's social media needs to give a sneak peek of what you're offering to your customers.

Engage with Users

Social media allows restaurant owners to engage with their customers. Don't assume that you're barred from negative reviews. Similar to any other business online, your social media is also open to both positive and negative criticism.

The worst mistake that a restaurant can make is avoiding negative comments and acknowledging the positive ones. Customers notice everything, and this one mistake can make you lose many of them.

You can't ask a customer to delete their negative comment, but you can acknowledge their bad experience and handle it kindly. It's important to pay attention to your customers and meet their expectations by asking for their feedback.

Get the Best CRM for Restaurant's Success

If you want to establish the best restaurant, it's important to automate several tasks. By doing so, you will relieve yourself from handling all tasks yourself.

A restaurant CRM system is the right tool to find out what's happening on social media, taking online orders, adjusting the menu, etc., from one platform.

MenuCRM is one of the top CRM software for restaurants in Arkansas. You can get your hands on this software to automate many processes within the restaurant. You can use this software to enable online ordering, manage inventory, edit the menu, handle social media, and so much more.

To make sure this software is the best option for you, you can sign up for the free customized demo trial as well. It allows you to check if the software includes everything that you need. You can also contact MenuCRM to get more details about the software.

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