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Easy Affordable Restaurant Online Ordering.

Created by restaurants for restaurants. A restaurant online ordering and website platform that powers digital ordering and automation for take-out and delivery.

Loyalty + Rewards

Increases ticket count and size with built-in programs that help build a loyal following.

Dynamic Menu

A single easy to edit menu that handles loyalty pricing, dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and more!


Easily update your menu to handle last-minute pricing updates, images, membership-based pricing, etc.

SEO-Social Media

Make it easy for customers to find your restaurant online with powerful html-technology and analytics.


Create a community with your customers with personalized emails, text messages, and newsletters.


Connect with your customers with staff blogs, galleries, and recommendations.


A restaurant online ordering and website platform that powers digital ordering for take-out and delivery, with an affordable entry point.

Customer ordering is simple and frictionless, with powerful loyalty and custom pricing. And so simple to manage, last-second menu changes are a snap.

Why Should You Pick MenuCRM?

Double-Wall Security

We provide SSL certificates for online payment processing. This is a digital certificate that establishes a safe, secure, encrypted connection between a browser and your web server to protect the valuable information passed between the two.


We optimize your listings for three factors that impact local search rank: the number of online citations, the popularity of sources they appear on, and the accuracy and consistency of listing information. Simply activate your Listing Distribution, and watch as your listings improve over time.


Developed by our team of talented engineers, analysts, and designers. Our company has been building automation applications for over 20+ years combined that with the insight we have gathered from interviewing 1000s restaurant owners from across the country, we created a complete suite of tools, Menu CRM built by restaurants, for restaurants. This ordering software helps improves customer experience like no other.

800+ Restaurants and Businesses Trust MenuCRM

Learn how MenuCRM can allow your customers order and pay from their own mobile device.

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