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  • Your unique needs
    • Tell us about your situation and what problems you are facing when it comes to getting online, and we'll come up with a custom solution for your restaurant. 
  • The MenuCRM tour
    • We will walk you through how our system works.
    • Behind the scene access on how to manage a website.
    • A customized walkthrough of our program so that we can cover all of your concerns.
  • Q & A
    • We want to help YOU. So we leave ample time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Getting Started
    • If MenuCRM is a good fit for you we can get started on your website right away. 
    • We'll collect the necessary content and information to start your website.
  • Some of the features that will be covered 
    • Our seamless and easy-to-use menu editor.
    • Examples of our top-of-the-line website design. 
    • Both the customer and admin side of our online ordering system.
    • Easy to manage loyalty and rewards programs.
    • Email, newsletter, and text messaging systems.
    • Our advanced cloud system, Amazon AWS.
    • Examples of our current clientele 
    • And more