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Why You Should Use a Restaurant Online Ordering System


Technology is the future. It helps us accomplish multiple tasks quickly and simultaneously. You may have noticed that more restaurants have started using tablets to take customers' orders for dine-in. Digitizing the entire order taking system has numerous benefits too.

Most restaurants around the world have adopted technological systems and devices to speed up and enhance their services. 81% of restaurants use a Point Of Sale system or electronic register to take orders and payments.

Here's why you should opt for an online ordering system and reap the benefits for your restaurant.

Increases Sales

Customers rely on their smartphones and other devices to look up restaurants and food deals. Online ordering has become much more prevalent, and the revenue for the food delivery segment in the US is expected to reach 31 million USD by the end of 2021. Investing in a user-friendly website and ordering system will help you get more positive customer reviews and experiences.

Online Menu and POS System

Using an online real-time menu is beneficial for both the restaurant and the customers. POS or Point Of Sale systems have often been used in the retail and restaurant industry. All order information is processed through this system in real-time.

The menu can also be made a part of the central POS system, so the customer will see it immediately when an item is added to the menu. You can also edit the menu from the central hub, saving time by not editing the menu on the websites and mobile applications.

The POS contains all order information, so the restaurant can use this information to see which of their menu items sold like hotcakes and which weren't well-received.

 Customer Profiles

Customers have the option to make personal accounts that store data on items they've generally ordered and their personal information like phone number and residential address. Since they need to enter their information only once, they won't need to go through the hassle of re-entering the same information if they want to get stuff delivered.

If a customer frequently orders from the same restaurant, you could provide special points to that individual, which they can use for later orders.

 Advanced Orders

The option of ordering food in advance is advantageous for customers' experience. Many restaurants don't have this feature, but it will significantly benefit you if you make it a part of your POS system.

It allows customers to place large orders in advance and not have to worry about the time it takes for food to arrive when they go out.

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Keeps Track of Customer Feedback

Forbes suggests that listening to what customers have to say is the best way to stay on top. The first thing you need to do is consider your competitors' actions. To understand where you lie, you should understand your competitor's customer feedback program.

Asking customers if they feel comfortable and enjoy their food is pretty standard. It makes them feel valued and improves the overall customer experience.

Digitizing the feedback form is an excellent way to keep track of it. You can measure and analyze each aspect of your restaurant's performance.

Customer Relationship Management

Once a customer creates a profile account, their relevant information is added to the central POS. Personal mobile numbers, email addresses, and other information increase the marketing outreach.

You can send texts and emails to wish a customer a happy birthday and other promotional alerts like discounts and sales.

Imagine doing all this in paper form; it's extremely cumbersome and requires too much time and effort.

No Missing Orders

There's a zero probability of orders being missed because everything gets through to the POS system. You won't lose a customer because you forgot to handle their order.

In the slight chance that a technical issue occurs, you can always practice sending a text or a call to a customer after they've placed their order. Your ordering site must state your order confirmation method. This way, the customer will also be aware of their order confirmation.

Delivery Mobile Application

If your restaurant caters to home deliveries, you should ensure your online order system has a mobile delivery application. This application will provide real-time information about the number of available riders. Often orders get canceled because there's no update about the rider's status. The mobile application will inform the customer that delivery can be made in that instant.

It will also track the delivery the moment it takes off from the restaurant. Like online platforms where a driver is called to pick up and drop off a customer to their desired location, the online order system's delivery application will track the rider's location and update the estimated arrival time in real-time.


You could integrate a server application into your online ordering system. If you've ever been to a movie cinema, you may have seen the cashier lock your seats from a diagram of the cinema hall.

Similarly, the server application highlights which tables have been attended by a server. This method lowers the risk of a table not being attended.

Servers can use the application when they tend to a table. The entire menu and special deals will be laid out in front of them so they can upsell the restaurant's products right there. Servers can keep track of what the customer has ordered and how much of their order has arrived.

Using the server application quickens customer service and improves the table turnover rate. When the restaurant is crowded with customers, getting the waiter's attention can be exasperating. The server application ensures your customers will be tended to as quickly as possible.

No Waiting Time for Take-Outs

You must be familiar with drive-thrus. Customers have to wait in line and move step by step to get their order. If they use the online application to place their order beforehand and mention what time they will pick up their order, they'll need to pick it up and leave.

According to Google, there has been a 285% increase in the usage of 'take-out.' These statistics are vital for a restaurant to add new features, so it stands out.

No time will be spent waiting in line. Customers won't get frustrated when the person before them has a long and complicated order.

If a customer is already out somewhere, they can place their order for a pick-me-up, and by the time they reach your restaurant, their order will be fresh and ready. This improves customer satisfaction and builds a good rapport for the restaurant.

Customizing Options

This is about whatever goes on in the backend that influences customers' interaction with the system. Slight changes in the user interface make a huge difference. Posts on LinkedIn often ask people to react based on which visual interface they would like to interact with. You can do that in your online feedback forms. Not only will it increase your online presence, but you'll get accurate data on what customers would prefer.

The POS system can add different payment methods, like credit and debit cards, cash, and bank transfer.

Better Online Presence

Using a restaurant online ordering system gives you leeway to promote your restaurants on all social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your website can be directly linked to social media sites. It makes it easier for customers to come across your restaurant's post and be transferred directly to your website.

It's Expected

Most of all, people expect restaurants to be up to date with technology and offer related services. QSR Magazine states that 70% of customers expect restaurants to feature online ordering. It will leave a poor impression on customers if they find out your restaurant doesn't offer the same services and features most other restaurants have.

Some of the countless benefits of installing a restaurant online ordering system have been discussed above. Menucrm offers a platform using state-of-the-art technology for restaurant point of sales systems, customized order-taking systems in Missouri, the best restaurant management system in Louisiana, and more.

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Posted 1/12/2022 4:06:01 PM