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Strategies to Attract Restaurant Customers


It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the modern-day restaurant industry is extremely competitive. From small coffee shops to Michelin star hotels, all types of businesses are continuously trying to get ahead.

Due to rapid technological advancement and futuristic marketing tactics, maintaining a stronghold reputation in the market has become quite easy. But it has also led to a never-seen-before challenge: customer attraction and retention. While these two factors are an essential aspect of business marketing, the current market state has redefined them.

Restaurant customers are now harder to please because they have several substitutes available in the market. A recent study revealed that over 70% of restaurant customers have now become one-time visitors. Meaning that they come to an eatery, enjoy food, but never return.

The truth is that many restaurants are able to enjoy very slim profit margins, and they need to implement different strategies to keep customers coming in.

Thanks to the massive digital shift in this industry, restaurant management tools like MenuCRM have made it easier for you to automate your restaurant operations. Not only can you offer seamless customer service, but also benefit from the unending benefits of POS systems and online menu ordering systems.

Let’s look at the main ways to attract restaurant customers in 2021 and beyond.

Make Internet Marketing the Holy Grail Platform for Your Promotions

Believe it or not, more than 83% of restaurant purchases are now driven due to positive and online WOM. Short for word of mouth, WOM is considered the cornerstone for any restaurant’s success.

Hence, it’s extremely important to leverage internet marketing platforms. This marketing technique isn’t just affordable, but highly rewarding too. From optimizing your marketing efforts to local and nearby customers to reaching millions of them, a lot can be done on WWW. So let’s delve deeper into different types of internet marketing strategies that can help restaurant owners attract new customers and also retain them.

Social Media Presence

More restaurants are choosing to build a catchy, engaging, and strong brand identity on social media these days. With over a billion daily users on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the opportunities to attract new customers are boundless.

The best part about marketing your restaurant on social media is that you don’t have to be geographically bound. For example, a billboard is only visible to the people living nearby or the ones who occasionally cross that particular road. However, a social media marketing campaign can reach a global audience if executed smartly.

Whether your restaurant is taking baby steps toward success or trying to gain another Michelin star, don’t deny the importance of social media marketing. From baby boomers, millennials to Gen Z and X, social media has proven incredibly popular in all age groups. So if you want to reach a particular audience, there’s no better way than by becoming visible on social media.

Social media offers you different options when it comes to marketing your restaurant. You can create Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or use YouTube to run Ads between streaming videos. Moreover, you can set up business pages to attract followers and likers and convince them to try your offerings. Your posts can entail anything from current renovation work, new menu additions, food preparation BTS, promotions, discounts, events, etc.

A person taking their food’s picture for social media

A great way to enhance your restaurant page’s visibility and audience engagement is by convincing your existing customers to tag their friends and families on your posts. In return, you can offer them loyalty rewards, discounted deals, promo codes, or free deliveries.

Unique Menu

The next thing you can do is invest in an online menu system. But first, it’s important to design an easy-to-read, understandable, and attractive menu. From the offerings to menu design and layout, everything must be up to the mark.

The first goal of menu creation is to surprise your audience. You need to keep them hooked till the end and make sure to communicate your focus on quality. Coupled with an online ordering system such as MenuCRM, a dynamic, fresh menu can do wonders for your eatery’s sales. People can easily order online and pay via digital payment systems. In addition, you can also install a POS system to optimize the entire restaurant management.

This technological shift can help you save a significant amount of operational costs, overhead expenses, and also cut down on daily business hours required to perform mundane tasks. On an online menu ordering system, you can edit your menu, add a location map, and offer table booking features to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.

Digital Feedback Form

Feedback is a key resource, or shall we call it an asset, for any restaurant. Without hearing out what your customers and guests have to say, you cannot improve your service, product quality, and profits. Positive WOM is essential to keep growing in this cutthroat restaurant industry.

Different metrics showing internet marketing results

In this modern, digital world, offer your customers a digital feedback form. It’s also an essential part of your customer service that allows customers to share their good or bad experiences related to your restaurant.

Gathering feedback from your customers will also allow you to brag positive reviews on your social media pages and website. Don’t forget to share these reviews as they significantly impact the rate of new customer footfall and online orders.

Have an Easy to Use Online Ordering App

Online menu ordering systems and CRM software for restaurants are changing the entire landscape of the restaurant industry. Whether you own a small local café or a big, restaurant chain, you don’t want expenses to pile up.

This is where tech-driven MenuCRM comes into play. The robust restaurant management software offers myriad features, including a dynamic and editable menu, customer and staff connect modules, and social media management, among much more.

All in all, an online ordering system’s pros outweigh all the cons for restaurants. In addition to creating a website and strong online presence, don’t forget to introduce your restaurant’s very own online food delivery app. People all over the world are now preferring to use sole propriety websites instead of third-party apps due to mounting taxes and delivery charges.

Offering your customer and target audience a way to try your offering at the comfort of their home can convert them into returning customers. All you have to do is ensure fast delivery, quality food, and excellent customer service. Coupled with a high-speed and error-free CRM features, your online menu ordering system can have a wonderful impact on your sales.

Not only will you be able to cater to a broader customer segment, but you’ll also get to know their changing eating habits, dietary requirements, and trending dishes and beverages.

Collaborate on Special Offers with Local Businesses

Another effective strategy to attract new and potentially returning customers is to host events at your physical business spot. Moreover, offer loyalty reward programs, special discounts, and promotional codes to drive up sales. MenuCRM is a restaurant CRM software that allows managers to navigate loyalty reward programs on POS systems. You can use this opportunity to convert your new customers into returning ones.

A POS system installed at a restaurant

Don’t forget to leverage holiday seasons and other significant days that can help you bring in customers. You can either offer bundle packages or opt for a substantial price reduction. What’s more, you can offer buy-one-get-one-free deals and referral discounts and bonuses. This will convince customers to refer your restaurant to their friends and family members.

Many restaurants often overlook the significance of local partnerships. Hosting community events, entertainment nights, and cross-promotions can be really helpful in attracting new customers. For example, if you run a pizza restaurant, you can partner up with local gaming arcades or bars. To make your events kid-friendly, partner with educational institutes to offer student card discounts.

How Can MenuCRM Help?

MenuCRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management, inventory management, online menu ordering, and POS integrated restaurant management software. The software allows restaurants to create a frictionless and powerful online presence. MenuCRM is a cutting-edge restaurant management software protected with SSL certificates. Using MenuCRM, restaurants, as well as small food businesses, can offer loyalty+reward programs, curate a dynamic menu, make their website more SEO-friendly, and boost customer relationships.

It offers several modules and features such as dynamic E-Menus, social media handling, and customer-connect community management. With MenuCRM, you can introduce loyalty programs and also invest in restaurant point of sale systems.

Our powerful restaurant personalized relationship software is SSL certified and protected with advanced double-wall security.

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Posted 10/19/2021 2:49:00 PM