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Picking the Perfect Texture and Color of Flooring For Your Restaurant: A Brief Guide

Low angle shot of restaurant interior

Don’t beat yourself up. It takes architects and interior decorators years to master the art of picking flawless texture and color of flooring. It's safe to say, it isn’t easy to choose the perfect flooring to match your home’s interior.

In this article, we’re about to offer you some tips on how to choose the perfect texture and color of flooring before you can finally take the plunge.

How Would You Describe Your Interior Design Style?

For starters, you should try and define your home’s interior design. Describe the aesthetics and appeal of the space. This is an important step in picking the perfect texture and color of flooring because each category of design uses unique colors, textures and even materials.

Once this has been done, we can finally begin finding textures and colors that can fit your budget and style. For instance, if your home’s interior is more inclined towards an industrial or rustic style, raw textures and materials should blend in beautifully. In contrast, if you prefer minimalism, lighter and cleaner colors should work just fine.

Pick a Color Palette

Before you can start picking the perfect flooring, it will be a great idea to consider a particular color palette. Have you considered the general textures and colors you plan on using for your accessories, lamps, furniture, rocks, or paints? If so, you will find it easier to narrow down flooring options to a more manageable number of options.

It would really help if you picture all the elements that form the space and how everything will look when they are brought together.

Typically, you wouldn’t want the color of your floor matching your furniture since the whole space just starts looking boring. Also, you shouldn’t pick contrasting colors since you don't have your floor competing with other elements.

What Is the Purpose of the Space?

Large windows, high ceilings, and white walls make rooms appear larger than they actually are. Choosing lighter colors for flooring tends to have a similar effect. Therefore, if you’re planning on making your room or entire home seem larger, we recommend using lighter colors.

Of course, lighter colors wouldn’t be a great option for high-traffic areas of the home or if you have children or pets. Some materials tend to be suitable for these homes such as water-resistant tiles or vinyl.

Final Thoughts

You will find it much easier to pick the perfect texture and color of flooring if you consider all of the above. However, don’t forget to keep in mind the cost of maintenance, cleaning, installation, and possible wear and tear. As a result, you will pick something that not only complements your style but also your budget and lifestyle.

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Posted 6/23/2021 7:38:23 PM