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Low Budget Marketing Ideas For Restaurant

Modern Restaurant with a Bar

Often, restaurant owners end up spending too much on marketing without getting great results. During some months, marketing efforts can even seem to have crossed the profits the restaurant made. Why? It all comes down to the wrong tactics. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all of that. Even with a small budget, you can create an outstanding marketing campaign if you know what to do. There are numerous ways to market your restaurant without even spending any money. You shouldn’t limit you...

Posted 7/30/2021 9:21:10 AM

How to Protect Your Restaurant from Cybercriminal Activity

Busy restaurant

Like much of the hospitality industry, restaurants have also undergone widespread transformational changes to keep up with the digital age. As a result, innovations such as kiosks, ordering apps, artificial intelligence, and loyalty programs have changed customer preferences for personalized and faster checkout experiences. It’s a foregone conclusion for restaurants to also have a website that lets diners place online orders. Based on the convenience it offers, the restaurant industry sector has...

Posted 7/28/2021 2:24:28 PM
online ordering system

Digital Kitchens: Are the Future of the Restaurant Industry?

Food in a Takeaway Container

Restaurants are not strangers to changing trends. A continuous shift in customers base and higher competition have been the major driven force for restaurants around the globe to pursue innovative ways of enhancing customer satisfaction and doing business. The recent pandemic and lockdowns made a major impact on the restaurant industry. This wasn’t something anyone was prepared for, but restaurants found ways to overcome this setback. It led to the introduction of digital kitchens. Digital kitch...

Posted 7/16/2021 5:09:39 PM
online ordering system

A Brief Guide on Contactless Food Delivery

Food Delivery Man with a Bicycle

Since restaurants were forced to shut down their dining areas due to the pandemic, they quickly pivoted to delivery and takeout. This unprecedented shift also led to a fairly new concept for the restaurant industry – contactless or no-contact deliveries. The industry based on providing “service with a smile” has now entered the uncharted territory of no-contact service. However, with growing concerns of COVID, contactless deliveries had to quickly become a norm to serve customers safely and e...

Posted 7/14/2021 4:37:42 PM

A Brief Guide on Improving Payment Experience for Your Restaurant Customers

Smooth payment experience

The checkout process should be as simple as a walk in the park - nay, it should be simpler than that. " Just point me where to place my card, or point my phone's camera to scan the QR code, and let me get on with my day." Such is the mindset of the average customer when it comes to making payments. Quick and seamless payment methods were experiences exclusive to online businesses (such as ecommerce). But the pervasiveness of modern-day payment solutions has made its way into the hospitality indu...

Posted 7/9/2021 9:32:12 AM
restaurant rewards

8 Cross Selling and Upselling Strategies for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Sales Strategies

Upselling and cross-selling are two of the easiest methods of increasing your profitability. However, there is a fine line you must walk to avoid annoying your hard-earned customers. Not everyone will appreciate a sales pitch designed to milk them dry. The goal then, is to study the customer's immediate needs and coming up with non-obtrusive solutions that can improve their dining experience. Before we deep dive into the actual selling strategies, we'll have to define the difference between upse...

Posted 7/9/2021 9:18:09 AM
effective customer retention strategy for your restaurant, restaurant guest retention strategy

8 Customer Retention Strategies for Restaurants

Restaurant Customer Retention Strategy

When it comes to restaurants, the value of repeat business cannot be overstated. Ask any marketing expert, and they'll tell you it's more expensive to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one. A powerful restaurant guest retention strategy can contribute to your bottom line and also provide many key benefits that include: Developing a profitable and loyal customer base Effective word-of-mouth advertising Encourage more direct bookings (so you won't have to pay commission fees) Easier t...

Posted 7/7/2021 2:32:14 PM