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10 Best Practices to Streamline Online Food Ordering Experience

A woman eating outdoors

Restaurant owners and managers nowadays are faced with an increased pressure to impress customers with better online food ordering apps, and generally better food ordering experiences. Tacit conducted a study that found that online food ordering has increased from 12% to 20% in the past decade. However, the biggest leaps in these trends were noticed only a couple of years ago. Of course, besides these massive shifts in consumer preferences, the way consumers prefer to order their food is also sl...

Posted 5/17/2021 1:56:35 PM

5 Effective Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Increase Orders

Chefs enjoying a meal

Whether you’ve just launched your restaurant brand or your existing brand needs a little boost with customers, you need to offer your customers a good deal. In either case, restaurant promotions tend to create some very promising results. Here’s a Classic Example: Coca-Cola came up with the first-ever discount coupon in 1887, which granted a free glass of the popular beverage to those who came upon it. Following this promotion, Coca-Cola managed to pull in 8.5 million customers. Luckily, there a...

Posted By Heather Stoudt | 8/25/2022 4:40:08 PM

5 Ideas to Make Your Independent Restaurant More Sustainable

A restaurant with flowery decorations

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s discuss why it is necessary to make restaurant businesses more sustainable. As a sustainable restaurant business, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your operations while also playing your part in improving the health of your target audience. What’s more, any restaurant that markets itself as environmentally conscious is bound to attract many modern consumers. Why Are Sustainable Restaurants More Successful? A couple of decades ago, the majority of ...

Posted 6/23/2021 7:31:56 PM

6 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Increase Positive Reviews for Your Independent Restaurant

Positive Reviews for a Restaurant

Gone are the days when people would depend on word of mouth and their own instincts to decide how good or bad a restaurant is. The contemporary customer counts on online ratings and reviews to get an idea about the food, and overall services of a restaurant. So, if a restaurant manages to collect a good aggregate of positive reviews, it is more likely to acquire new customers. Hence, besides regular marketing and promotions, any owner must have a proactive approach to get more reviews for their ...

Posted 6/23/2021 7:35:48 PM

7 Marketing Secrets to Market Your Independent Restaurant to Millennials

A woman in a restaurant

Millennials are a lot more adventurous and spontaneous as compared to other generations when it comes to restaurants. Research suggests that the younger generation, which we also refer to as Gen Y or Millennials, make for almost a third of most restaurant’s revenues. Aged anywhere between 18 and 34-years of age, these youthful souls have been noticed to eat out a lot more than other generations, and they even love to experiment. Most trends in the restaurant industry can be attributed to this de...

Posted 5/27/2021 1:49:44 PM

7 Reasons Why In-House Food Ordering System Is Better than Third-Party Apps

Why In-House Food Ordering System Is Better than Third-Party Apps

Nowadays, in-house food ordering is a crucial element in restaurants, and it is difficult to deny the advantages of having an in-house ordering system. Even before the pandemic, guests had a growing preference for online ordering. So much so that the National Restaurant Association found that 60% of all food service and restaurant sales were through delivery, drive-through, or take-out since 2019. An Opportunity for Restaurants In 2020, since most states had forced restaurants to shift to off-pr...

Posted 6/28/2021 2:54:32 PM

8 Most Demanded Features Every Restaurant Needs

A woman at a cafe

Are you having second thoughts about using a mobile website for your restaurant? Are you undecided about whether an online ordering system will be a prudent investment for your restaurant? If this is the case, the following statistics are bound to change your mind: Approximately 70% of restaurant customers prefer to order food via mobile devices. Online ordering have benefited restaurants of all sizes to increase their average basket size by as much as 25%. If your customers cannot access your m...

Posted 5/27/2021 2:01:57 PM

A Brief Guide on Contactless Food Delivery

Food Delivery Man with a Bicycle

Since restaurants were forced to shut down their dining areas due to the pandemic, they quickly pivoted to delivery and takeout. This unprecedented shift also led to a fairly new concept for the restaurant industry – contactless or no-contact deliveries. The industry based on providing “service with a smile” has now entered the uncharted territory of no-contact service. However, with growing concerns of COVID, contactless deliveries had to quickly become a norm to serve customers safely and e...

Posted 7/14/2021 4:37:42 PM

Digital Kitchens: Are the Future of the Restaurant Industry?

Food in a Takeaway Container

Restaurants are not strangers to changing trends. A continuous shift in customers base and higher competition have been the major driven force for restaurants around the globe to pursue innovative ways of enhancing customer satisfaction and doing business. The recent pandemic and lockdowns made a major impact on the restaurant industry. This wasn’t something anyone was prepared for, but restaurants found ways to overcome this setback. It led to the introduction of digital kitchens. Digital kitch...

Posted 7/16/2021 5:09:39 PM

How to Bundle Your Restaurant's Menu Items to Attract Customers

A man and woman looking at a restaurant’s menu

“Would you like to have some fries with that?” Restaurants have been bundling menu items for decades. Everyone knows that buying a hotdog with a side of fries and a soft drink is more cost-effective than buying everything separately. Some restaurants may even let you switch out the fries with another side, such as a salad, for a small cost. So to put it simply, bundle offers satisfy the average consumer’s need to save money and capture more quality. Of course, we can’t forget that they also brin...

Posted 6/11/2021 1:13:24 PM

Marketing Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From Restaurant Websites

A woman standing in the outdoors with some coffee

The role of restaurant websites has been steadily increasing as the number of smartphone users grows by the minute. Consumers have developed an acute preference for purchasing almost everything from their mobile devices, including their food. Statistica estimates that there will be 7.41 billion mobile users in 2024 out of the forecasted 8.11 billion population of the world. This sentence alone should give you a snapshot of the importance of restaurant websites. Many businesses, including restaur...

Posted 5/26/2021 4:22:44 PM