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10 Best Practices to Streamline Online Food Ordering Experience

A woman eating outdoors

Restaurant owners and managers nowadays are faced with an increased pressure to impress customers with better online food ordering apps, and generally better food ordering experiences. Tacit conducted a study that found that online food ordering has increased from 12% to 20% in the past decade. However, the biggest leaps in these trends were noticed only a couple of years ago. Of course, besides these massive shifts in consumer preferences, the way consumers prefer to order their food is also sl...

Posted 5/17/2021 1:56:35 PM

7 Ways Restaurants Can Improve Customer Experience for Online Orders

Online food Orders

Online food ordering has been on the rise for quite some time, even before the pandemic impacted the world. A large volume of carry-outs and takeouts had already been replaced with online orders. However, the lockdowns and bans on dine-ins have further boosted the online food delivery industry. If we talk particularly about the US online food delivery industry, it has been witnessing tremendous growth for some years. The US online food ordering apps have been experiencing around 20% of YoY growt...

Posted 5/26/2021 4:35:28 PM