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A Guide to Find the Best Restaurant Menu Software to Purchase


A thought-out menu is key to attracting customers to your restaurant. Making smart decisions to build your menu can save costs and increase revenue. A restaurant is nothing without a menu, so every restaurant business is required to design a compelling menu.

The menu must reflect the restaurant’s personality. Therefore, it needs to be engineered carefully. You can hire a professional designer to design the menu for you, but it’s often not enough. It’s a common practice for restaurants to keep updating their menu and pricing. So, do they need to design a whole new menu every time?

For this reason, customers can utilize a restaurant menu software that lets you edit and recreate the menu all over again. There are hundreds of paid and free designing tools that let you create a menu and easily edit it.

Here are the top features you must look for in designing software for a restaurant menu.

Quality of the Software

The software’s quality plays a huge role in selecting it for your restaurant. If the software is not able to withstand pressure and additional tasks, then it’s not worth your money. You cannot directly assess the product’s quality, so the best thing is to check for client testimonials.

Apart from it, you can also ask for recommendations from restaurant owners who are already using them. Such software is not cheap, so it’s important to invest in the best one for your restaurant.

Templates Availability

The software must come with a few templates, so you can design your menu. Having a software with templates saves you from the struggle of hiring a designer for the job. It costs more money, so find software that can do the job for you!


One of the first things to check is if the software allows you to easily edit the menu. You’re purchasing this software for this sole reason, so you need to ensure it will serve you well when it’s time.

If you keep updating your menu and pricing from time to time, this feature should be of great importance. Check if you can easily drag and drop items on the menu without any problem or if you can easily switch to a different template. Play around to see how feasible it is to work with the software to design the menu.


You’re buying software for customization, so it must be there in it. With limited options, you won’t be able to design the best menu of all time. You need to make sure that the software has everything you need to design a compelling menu.

It must allow you to customize font, colors, background, and so much more. All of these features will help you create a designer-like menu in no time.

Price of the Software

Regardless of how much you love menu software, you cannot purchase it if it’s out of your budget. The first step of purchasing the software should be to check its price so you don’t get disappointed in the end.

Unless the software is completely amazing and offers more than you can imagine, don’t step out of your budget; otherwise, it will affect all of your operations.

Easy to Use

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so the software must be easy-to-use. If you have to take expensive training to learn to use the software, it’s a complete waste. You need to make sure that the software is easy to operate, so your staff can get a hold of it.

Support for Specials & Daily Menu

Check if the software has custom options to support daily menus and specials. There are a few restaurants that design regular menus for customers. If that’s the case, then you need your software every day more than anything else. Get software that can help you design a menu to support this format.

Support for QR Code

Does the software support for QR code menu? The times are changing, and businesses are looking for feasible options to reduce their burden. Check if the software supports the QR code menu, so customers can simply open it up on their phones. Also, you can plan discounts on scanning QR codes in the future.

Design a Menu to Get More Profits

When it comes to running a restaurant, businesses need to look ahead to what’s already available in the market. With technology taking over every industry, it is important to follow in their footsteps now more than ever. Even the smallest restaurants are taking advantage of the technology taking over the hospitality industry.

Such software ensures not only fast service but also ensures exceptional customer care. Using this software speeds up the process from taking the order to delivering the food to the customer’s table.

Designing a menu through dedicated software enables businesses to save money on hiring a professional designer each time. Apart from it, the software offers more customization than ever.

If you’re looking for quick-service restaurant software, then there’s nothing better than our MenuCRM. It’s a restaurant online ordering software that relieves restaurant owners of the important tasks, so they can focus on other important aspects.

We have designed our software for restaurant menus after interviewing more than 1000 restaurant owners to resolve their issues. It’s one of the best CRM software for restaurants that you can find in the market.

Our software offers you a chance to easily create your menu or customize it and allows you to get an insight into customers’ behaviors. By using this information, you can take decisions that can benefit your business in the long run.

You can develop targeted marketing strategies based on customers’ preferences to attract customers to your restaurant. If you want to check the software, we’re also providing a free customized demo for restaurant owners.

Check if the software is the best fit for you or contact us for further details.

Posted 2/10/2023