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9 Benefits of Restaurant Tablet Software


Technology has been revolutionizing businesses around the world. If you compare how businesses operate today to twenty years ago, you'll notice almost everyone uses smartphones and computers to perform daily tasks. And one of the most beneficial innovations is a POS system for businesses.

A tablet POS system is software that manages all purchases and transactions. They've been specially developed for businesses to cater to large-scale inventories, schedule, and improve customer experience.

When a restaurant uses tablet POS software, it improves table turnover rate, optimizes operations, customer retention, and more. Here's an in-depth explanation of how it all works and why you should get tablet POS software for your restaurant today.

Cuts Down On Managerial Time

Point of Sale systems don't only handle transactions; they have numerous other features as well. They're integrated with tools that enable you to handle other aspects of your business, like scheduling, stock and inventory management, deliveries, wages, and accounting.

Technology has upgraded, and so have POS systems. Most of them are now cloud-based; they process payments via the internet. Cloud-based POS improves the user experience because they're faster to use, have better accessibility and security, and update in real-time.

You can access the POS from any machine, be it your mobile phone or computer. Moreover, you can manage your employees' payrolls more efficiently because the POS has suitable tools integrated into it.

The POS system allows you to keep track of all staff and their schedules, when they clock in and out, how many casual and sick leaves they have remaining, etc. Doing all this manually would be too time-consuming.

Speeds Up All Operations

Speed is the key to better customer satisfaction.

Over 65% of American consumers stated that they were dissatisfied with long waiting times and unable to find staff to tend to them. Ina survey, 77% of restaurant-goers stated that they'd leave the restaurant or drive-thru if they saw a long line or rush.

Point of Sale software is perfect to counter this problem. They're faster and more reliable. Moreover, information on all orders goes through the system, so there's little chance of an order being missed or messed up.

Waiters have tablets where they input customers' orders after confirmation. If a customer wishes to change their order, the waiter can immediately send an alert about the change. Once the change is approved, the bill is adjusted automatically.

Most POS software is cloud-based, and in case of a technical issue, technicians can be alerted, and the problem will be fixed promptly without them having to visit the establishment and check out the computers. The technical issues can be resolved remotely.

POS systems cater to all payment methods. Customers can pay in advance online, use debit and credit cards, and do online bank transfers. POS software has robust cyber security that'll ensure sensitive information isn’t accessible to hackers and scammers.

Customer Information

Marketing is more effective when you're aware of customer demographics. According to a survey, brands can lose 38% of their customers if they don't personalize their marketing tactics.

That's why it's imperative to understand consumer data and personalize marketing strategies accordingly.

POS systems have all consumer information; you'll be able to tell which items on your menu are popular, which deals attract most people, and what percentage prefer using mobile applications and websites to order food instead of in-person dining.

Websites and mobile applications are connected to the central hub – the POS system. All customer profile information is fed into the system so you can make the most out of POS marketing tools. You can send automated text messages and emails to customers on their birthdays, offer them special discounts, and whatnot.

Customer demographics provide comprehensive data on age groups and social media users. The software will increase and optimize your social media outreach.

The system will use available information to help you tailor customer loyalty programs. 52% of Americans join loyalty programs of place they frequent. Loyalty programs retain customers and boost sales.

Productivity Increases

Traditionally waiters have to carry around a notepad and pen to write down customer orders. Tapping the screen is much faster than writing each word down, and it won't make customers feel rushed. Waiters won't have to relay each order to the kitchen manually, and the order is delivered instantly when they finalize it in their tablets.

The time it takes to walk to the kitchen can be used to tend to the customers, asking them if they'd like anything else and upsell special menu items. Calmly responding to the customer and not making them feel rushed raises the chance of them giving in to the waiter's suggestions.

Online payments also reduce waiting time for the customers and staff alike. Mobile POS processes credit and debit card information on the table, so waiters don't need to bring devices to swipe cards to and from.

Fewer Mistakes

Tablet POS software cancels the need to write down customer orders. Points of error add up in a manual system. There's uncertainty on the kitchen's end if the staff misreads a ticket due to illegible handwriting or mix-up the sequence of order preparation.

During rush hours, all staff are trying to hurry up and may make a mistake in relaying information. This can lead to wrong orders being delivered to customers, lowering their satisfaction.

The software displays information on tables. This information pertains to which table is occupied and tended to and which server is tending to them. This minimizes the chance of bringing the wrong order to a table.

POS Software Is Affordable

Previous systems had limited features and high costs for add-ins. They used to be more hard-ware-based, and each feature essentially had its own equipment.

Newer systems have all their features consolidated in one place. You won't need to pay service and utility fees for each aspect of the software; it all comes in a single package. Cloud-based POS systems enable accessibility of all features on all devices. When a tablet joins the virtual area network, it will access the same database and utilize the same features.

You'll be able to check inventory and stock status, customer information, menus, loyalty program information, and data analysis, and more.

Real-Time Feedback

A POS software enables you to create visually appealing feedback forms. The simpler the interface and the less time the form takes to fill out, the more likely customers will fill it out. 44% of customers leave an incomplete feedback form because it's lengthy, and they feel it won't make a difference.

According to customers, they prefer giving feedback when they feel like they'll be heard. This means that providing real-time feedback and in-person is more effective than filling a form later at home.

You can present them with the form on the server's tablet after customers are finished with their meals and during payment.

Feeling of Self-Service

Some customers can be pretty indecisive and feel pressured when they realize a server is waiting for them. Some people feel anxious when ordering food, especially if they have a complicated order or mention allergens.

To prevent them from stumbling over their words or feeling tongue-tied, you can offer them a tablet to select their order and mention special instructions.

Providing consumers with a tablet gives a feeling of self-service. Self-service kiosks in restaurants have influenced consumer behavior over the years. People feel like they'll be judged when they voice out their orders, and most find digital self-service fun and interactive.

Taking these customer feelings into account and providing them with an option of self-service increases customer satisfaction and retention.

Guest Ordering

Customers usually come in groups, which means they'll probably split the check. Often splitting the check leads to some people paying more than others. Restaurants can fix this issue by providing tableside tablets.

These tablets are fixed on customer tables. Customers can use these to browse through the menu, order food, ask for refills, and even split the bill according to their orders.

How to Get Reliable Restaurant Tablet POS Software

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Posted 1/12/2022 3:59:23 PM