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7 Reasons to Set Your Own Delivery


Starting a new business can be overwhelming as it involves focusing on different aspects of the business. From marketing to setting up a delivery team, all factors aid in creating your brand identity and benefiting you in the long run.

If you own a restaurant, then the responsibility of delivering fresh and hot food to the customer’s doorstep should be your priority. Your restaurant’s success depends on your customer’s opinion about food and it’s not possible to get positive reviews if all they are receiving is stale and cold food.

Although third-party apps are getting famous day by day for delivery services, you can also set up your in-house delivery team to deliver food. A lot of companies are opting for third-party delivery services as they are convenient, but an in-house delivery team sets you apart from all.

Setting up an in-house delivery service is complicated and takes time, but it’s all worth it. It’s a one-time investment and effort that can bring you loads of profits in the future.

If you’re planning on building your in-house delivery team, then here are the benefits that you can get out of it.

1. Creates Brand Identity

Your delivery team wears a uniform with your company’s logo on it. They can see the same friendly faces delivering food to them that they often see in your restaurant as well. When all other restaurants are using Uber Eats, Postmates, and others to deliver their food, your delivery riders will make you stand out from them.

You can openly promote your delivery team on social media posts, which is often not possible with third-party delivery services. An in-house delivery service keeps all your efforts consistent and works towards the same goal.

2. Food Touched by fewer Hands

Drivers in your team feel a great sense of responsibility towards the food. One of the best things that happen in the process is that the food is touched by fewer hands. With the pandemic on the rise, people are more focused on what they are coming in contact with.

You cannot expect a high level of security and responsibility towards food from third-party delivery services, but this problem is resolved with an in-house delivery service.

Third-party delivery services work with multiple companies, so paying attention to each order is not possible for them. You can put your own team in place to fulfill delivery orders for ultimate customer satisfaction.

3. Helps You Get More Profits

Third-party delivery services charge a huge cut from their profits. Famous delivery apps Grubhub and Uber Eats take more than 30% of the restaurant deliveries made by their riders.

For small businesses, it’s impossible to pay huge sums to third-party apps, which is why it’s highly recommended to get an in-house delivery service. Even if you hire two full-time riders, you will still save thousands of dollars by the end of the year. It’s an efficient approach that can help you gain more profits in less time.

4. Eliminate Risk of Errors

Expensive errors do not affect the third-party delivery service but supremely influence the restaurant business. The more people there are in the delivery line, the more difficult it becomes to eliminate the risk of errors.

You can offer an in-house delivery service and put a restaurant's online ordering software in place to streamline all operations. Errors can affect your business and can cost you a lot in the long run.

5. Better Communication

When it comes to communication, it becomes significantly hard to get a hold of anyone when you need it. With the middleman involved, you have to first communicate your problems to them who then communicate them to the rider. This problem becomes unbearable when there are any last-minute changes in the customer’s orders or if there’s a request by them.

With in-house deliveries, you can directly communicate all problems and instructions to the rider without feeling the need to go through a long process. Furthermore, you can also take direct updates from customers for deliveries if your customers ask for them.

6. Let’s You Set Own Delivery Guidelines

When you hire third-party delivery service, you follow their protocols and guidelines. Sometimes their guidelines are not enough or are too much to follow, but an in-house delivery service can save you from this hassle.

With the COVID on the rise again, these protocols will let you maintain safety measures with ease. You can ask your delivery team to contribute to the development of delivery guidelines, so they can work with ease as well.

7. Fast Deliveries to Customers

One of the major benefits of an in-house delivery team is that you can offer fast delivery to customers. With third-party deliveries, you have to wait for the rider to arrive at the restaurant, which can make the food go cold in the kitchen only.

Your in-house delivery rider will always be present at the restaurant, which gives you the advantage to send off hot and fresh food to customers.

Get a Restaurant Online Ordering Software for Rider’s Ease

A food ordering software for restaurants further helps restaurants streamline all operations related to food deliveries. You can gain all the above-mentioned benefits by hiring your own team of delivery riders for the restaurant.

If you want to ease the burden on the staff, then get the best CRM for restaurants. MenuCRM offers the best restaurant CRM system to streamline operations and keep the kitchen running smoothly. The software helps in digitally powering the takeout and deliveries for your restaurant.

It further lets restaurants gain insight into customer behavior, which can be significantly used to make data-driven decisions. Restaurants can further integrate a POS system into the software. It also comes with features such as an easy-to-edit menu, deliveries, rewards + loyalty programs, and more.

MenuCRM further lets businesses schedule a free customized demo on their website platform to see if the software offers everything that they need. It’s one solution for all your hefty tasks, so restaurant owners can focus on other important tasks.

It not only handles daily activities but is a great tool to devise exceptional marketing strategies for your business. Get in touch with us today for further details.

Posted 1/12/2022 4:34:59 PM