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6 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Restaurant


Approximately 1.8 billion USD revenue is generated by restaurants across the country every year. However, more than 60% of the restaurants fail to maintain their sales and profits due to ineffective rebranding practices. As a result, their owners either decide to give up the ownership or rent out the business to a vendor.

Rebranding is an essential part of any business model. There comes a stage in every venture’s lifecycle, wherein the owners and marketers have to revamp the business image. Oftentimes, marketers overlook this aspect of marketing, which leads to an inevitable doom and gloom.

Revamping your restaurant business, however, doesn’t have to be challenging and difficult. Some research and insightful analysis on your customers, market, and competitors can do the trick.

This ultimate branding tactic can help restaurant owners turn their expenses into revenues and losses into profits. Rebranding your restaurant can be one of the best decisions you take in the post-pandemic era. It can bring back the excitement, make your business create some buzz, and freshen up its appeal and offerings.

A waiter preparing tables at a restaurant

But remember, rebranding requires time, effort, and energy. You may also need to allocate some extra marketing budget to be able to enjoy rewarding returns. In this detailed post, we’ve talked about different ways to revamp your restaurant. So let’s get started.

1. Efficient Employee Management

For any business, employees are its assets. The same goes for restaurants, cafés, and hotels. Your chefs, sous chefs, waiters, managers, and delivery team are your human capital. They need your utmost attention in the rebranding phase.

Owning a restaurant and outworking your capabilities can turn this task into a nightmare. From preparing a business model to cooking food, serving, bartending, cleaning, and closing, there are myriad tasks that require focus and hard work. This is where your professional and trained employees come into play.

When revamping your restaurant, it’s important to communicate your plan with your employees. You may also need to forecast hiring requirements and suitable job replacements. In addition, rebranding your restaurant also requires efficient task allocation. Always remember that employee engagement and happiness automatically translate into client and customer satisfaction. This is an extremely important tool to make your rebranding a success.

If your restaurant’s staff is overlooked and not heard, nothing can help you revamp your restaurant’s image. Before laying out your entire plan, consider scheduling a staff meeting. Talk less and listen more. Hear their ideas, suggestions, and jot down as much as you can.

Employee feedback is one of the most resourceful tools that can help restaurant managers in the long run. Since your waiters, delivery people, and bartenders spend most of their time dealing with customers, they build a connection with them. As a result, they’re able to gauge their feedback and reservations in a better way.

2. Give Back to the Community

Restaurants play a significant role in making communities happier and healthier. So why not leverage this opportunity to revamp your eatery’s image?


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Studies show that customers are now more interested in supporting businesses that give back to the communities. They love restaurants that implement sustainable practices and conduct CSR activities from time to time. A good way to reposition your brand to tap into the ethos of your target audience is to support causes they care about.

You can choose to host community events and fundraising campaigns at your restaurant or initiate a bake sale event to support home-based sellers and home cooks. What’s more, cater to the younger population by hosting fun charity events, sports galas, or a theme dinner event.

By making your local audience feel loved and acknowledged, you can effectively revamp your business’s entire appeal.

Happy and sad balloon faces showing customer feedback

3. Adopt Innovative Marketing Strategies

Revamping your restaurant image takes more than just changing the tagline. And unfortunately, outdated marketing practices will not work too. Restaurant managers need to work harder to curate more engaging and innovative marketing campaigns.

From leveraging digital media to adopting direct customer interaction techniques, restaurants need to go one step further to attract and retain customers. While Facebook, Instagram, and Google marketing aren’t something very strange anymore, there are still many businesses not using them to make a bigger impact on the market.

Try internet marketing platforms to create and initiate smart marketing campaigns with attainable goals and measurable performance. Use SEO and Google My Business to ensure that your business plan reaches targeted customers.

Transferring your marketing focus from traditional strategies to digital tools and technological innovation can be extremely rewarding. Doing so can help you rebrand with a cohesive plan in plan, without forgetting the original brand identity.

4. Try to Become Be Child-Friendly

While this may not apply to your business if you’re running a pub or bar, café and restaurant owners can surely try making their place more child-friendly. Dining out with kids can be a hassle for many parents.

Try to cater to these customers by allowing them larger tables. You can also build a playing area or an art room to make them enjoy their visits. This also boosts the chances of converting first time customers into returning ones. Children tend to force parents to revisit a restaurant if they like the ambiance and play activities offered there.

What’s more, you can also introduce kiddie meals to make dining options kid-friendlier. This not only helps in reducing food waste but also entices little guests.

5. Leverage New Technology

Apart from adopting digital marketing platforms, another great way to revamp your restaurant is to invest in cutting-edge restaurant technologies. Recently, smart online menu ordering systems and CRM software for restaurants have been making waves in the industry.

However, restaurant managers must choose a reliable and seamless option such as MenuCRM. Our tech-driven, top-of-the-line CRM and ERP software for restaurants is designed to make your business model more efficient and cost-effective.

It can be integrated with POS systems at your restaurant and can also be used for inventory management. With MenuCRM, you can keep tabs on your social media marketing, customer feedback, online order and delivery fulfillment, and much more.

A good restaurant makes continuous efforts to enhance customer convenience. It analyzes each and every bit of feedback to improve services and products. Today’s POS systems and online ordering apps for restaurants can help you waste less time in performing mundane tasks. It can take care of the basics while you focus on impressing your customers and employees.

6. Deploy a CRM

Only 30% of diners that come to your restaurant tend to visit again. This means, the remaining 70% aren’t consistent at helping you generate high returns.

While it may seem quite daunting, it has a hidden silver lining. With the right marketing strategies and tech tools, you can flip this equation.

CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is one of the best tools for modern restaurant owners. It helps in tracking customer information, feedback, purchase patterns, and demands.

A customer paying at a café on a POS system

Put simply, CRM is sometimes also referred to as a Customer Retention Marketing tool that helps business owners convert one-time customers into a regular and loyal base. CRM can also help you run effective marketing campaigns and improve your information database. Using a futuristic and robust CRM tool for restaurants such as MenuCRM, you can:

  • Assemble, store, and analyze guest and customer information
  • You can track their key credentials such as date of birth, dietary requirements, and allergies to make your offerings more suitable for them
  • Use the customer database to predict future demands and changing trends
  • Initiate targeted marketing campaigns to make your loyal customers feel loved and heard

Improve Your Management with MenuCRM

With MenuCRM, you can boost your restaurant’s competence, organize and accomplish better staff training standards, and maintain smooth customer relations. Our solutions will help your team succeed at their jobs. It can also help you revamp your restaurant’s image by using innovative techniques.

One of the many benefits of a digital software program for restaurants is smart order management. An integrated online ordering app and customer retention tool can help restaurants receive orders from different channels.

With MenuCRM, business owners can create an obstacle-free customer experience and optimize their ordering system. Our top-of-the-line menu ordering system can be availed in Texas, Oklahoma, and many other locations across the US. Our influential restaurant personalized relationship software is SSL certified and protected with progressive double-wall security.

Whether you want to kick-start an online food venture in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, or any other state, or digitalize your existing restaurant, MenuCRM is the answer.

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Posted 10/19/2021 2:59:04 PM