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We pride ourselves on providing relevant and intriguing blog articles that give you access to business tips and methods you can actively apply to your restaurant model. We frequently recruit guest authors that provide a first-hand experience of what it's like to run a successful digital restaurant and some tips to overcome some of its common struggles.

Why You Need a Loyalty Program For Your Restaurant

 A man and a barista standing in a cafe

According to Forbes, more than 90% of all companies offer some form of loyalty program and 84% of all consumers have made purchases from businesses that offer loyalty programs. Considering these statistics, consumers are more likely to dine in a place that offers restaurant loyalty programs. Granted, there are already countless things on your mind when you’re thinking about running a restaurant,but you should really focus your mind on the countless benefits of implementing loyalty programs. When...

Posted 3/17/2021 9:08:25 AM